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Phoenix Ventures offers a diverse, in-depth

range of expertise and services to accelerate business success. 

Here are some of the ways we can help you reach your
objectives faster and more profitably:

Experienced advice on navigating government relations. 

We routinely work with developers, engineering firms, and other companies to help them navigate the complex approval process set by governing boards and agencies.

Planning for long term growth? 

Thinking about expanding into a new area or selling to a new market? Our seasoned team will conduct a detailed market analysis and quickly assess new business opportunities for our clients.

Issue advocacy.

Phoenix Ventures can help you champion your firm, project or cause in the community through dynamic educational and public relations initiatives.

Public relations & marketing campaigns.

Our full-service marketing team will help you surpass your business goals by creating a targeted marketing plan to deliver your messages at the right time through the best channels. Our range of marketing services includes:

  • Brand design & strategy

  • Digital & web development

  • Social media strategy & execution

  • SEO analytics

  • Print collateral

  • Content marketing

  • PR services (press releases, media pitches, etc.)

  • Event promotion & management

Valuable contacts.

Phoenix Ventures has deep relationships with the major influencers in the New Jersey business community and government, and we will connect you to new opportunities and partners.

Expert RFP Guidance

Since Phoenix Ventures’ executive team has been working closely with local and state governments in New Jersey for decades, we have the expertise to create bulletproof RFPs that will give you a clear edge against the competition.

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